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Music for the Inner Journey

November 12, 2019

An evening of the meditative music of Sri Chinmoy with international guest performers:

Vapushtara Jongepier began playing piano at age 6. He studied piano and jazz at a conservatory in the Netherlands.

Alap Jetzer is a Swiss award-winning multi-instrumentalist who plays music composed by Sri Chinmoy.

Adarsha Kelly, from Glasgow Scotland, is an accomplished vocal performer who has sung in concerts around the world.

The Monk Party duo consists of amazing session musician Pragunya Myers-Daly and son Nelson, who inherited his father’s musical talents and some.

Tuesday 12 November, 7:00pm
St John’s Anglican Church
379 Halifax Street
Adelaide City

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Previous Concerts

Agnikana’s Group
performed in Adelaide – 2015

Agnikana’s Group is an international female vocal and instrumental group with members from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Switzerland. The group first performed in 1997 and has played at venues in Europe, Asia and the USA. This was the group’s first South Pacific tour and they performed concerts in Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra and Auckland.

Typically, members of the group play on harmonium, guitar, flutes, violin, santur, metalophon, clarinet and a number of rhythmic instruments. They have an ethereal vocal style that is peaceful and graceful, capable of carrying the listener into the deeper meditation realms.

They performed at:
St. Cyprian’s Anglican Church
72 Melbourne St, North Adelaide

On Sunday, 3rd of May 2015